Flooring and Interior Design Compliments

So I was thinking a bit about flooring options and how they have changed over the years.  It used to be  carpet and a little more carpet. These days it is transitioning more to hard floor covering and I absolutely love it. SO the main stream trend is hardwood or even laminate hardwood  in the living and high traffic areas.

It lasts so much longer and is normally not that much more expensive!!

Don’t get me wrong I love carpet to but only in certain areas of the home

Who want to step out of bed on a cold morning and step on a cold floor?  It sucks and would probably result in me never getting out of bed on a Saturday!

So in this case i definitely recommend going with carpet. You can pick from so many varieties that you can pretty much compliment any design.

So there are pros and con to going with hard floors…. Lets start with tile.

Traditional tile and grout is  great option in many cases.  It is durable and takes very little maintenance. A professional carpet cleaner can do work on the grout lines and and high traffic areas and it can often be restored to like new shape.  It is hard if you drop a coffee it break the ceramic and porcelain tile is hard and will break glass 9 times out 10.  But it great for clean up!!

Hardwood… I love hard wood especially the real deal.  It c an be a little maintenance but not bad when you put in perspective. It does have to sealed and sanded every few years.  There are many kinds of stains and finishes that can compliment pretty much any type form a more contemporary to the older rustic with a deep red oak grain and stain.

Laminate…. May folks love the laminate.  I like it and it is definitely easier to keep up with.  Other mopping and cleaning it really is hands free.  Once the fish has been damaged  you really have to replace it .  But, in fairness it should be 5-10 years and maybe more down the road.  I prefer laminate as a strong second to hardwood if you don’t want to dish out the coin.

Just some food for thought. I love flooring and the right flooring can really compliment a design and make the other design elements pop!!!

So some take a ways …. If you put hard floors in bedrooms without drug you are really a bad person all he way to your core.

Carpet can definitely be good and will make your home quieter and cozier but will require some more upkeep.

I love hard wood but it does have to be refinished every few years to keep it looking awesome

Laminate especially as of the last few years is solid compromise and is getting more popular. Some are hard to tell the difference in the really deal versus the laminate.

Hope this was useful!!!!!




Building Room For Baby

It has been a while since I last checked it. I have had a lot of projects going on and haven’t even had the time to sit down. One of my favorite projects I am working on is a nursery for a friend. She is having a baby girl at the end of April and I volunteered my services to help build the perfect nursery.

Decorating a nursery is definitely a first for me. I have not had the chance of taking one on and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We hit several set backs through the whole process as well.

The first thing we did was have to decide on a color. The room we thought was going to be the nursery was a horrible periwinkle blue color that was very poorly painted the first time. There were several areas that had been missed or simply messed up in the process. So not wanting to over do the “girly-ness” we decided to do three walls a tan color to match the rest of the house and one wall pink. It took a while to find the perfect tan and a non-peptobismal pink for the room, but we finally did it. However, soon came set back number one! After priming the room, the mother decided he wanted to use a completely different room in the house for the nursery. Luckily we had only primed the walls and were able to still use the tan color we had chosen to get rid of the disgusting blue.

So once we finally got into the correct room we got it painted quickly. Then came the furniture shopping. We found several great pieces at BuyBuy Baby and the rest we went grunge hunting, also known as resale or garage sales. I just like the way grunge hunting sounds. We refurbished several pieces and even sewed our own curtains for the bay window. One of the colors in her color scheme was gold, so we did a section of gold polka-dots on the wall by the crib.

Everything came together so well! I haven’t downloaded any photos yet, but as soon as I get them I will have to post. I have to say I am actually very proud of my first nursery design adventure.

Go Big or Go Home

I am very new to the design world, like brand new. You could definitely call me a design virgin. I am looking into all aspects and areas of design. I have decided I will not just hold myself to one area.

For my very first design experience I chose to adventure into the great world of interior design. For this I decided to go exploring. And for this exploring I did it in style! I decided to splurge and rent a luxury sedan, driver included to take me to all the open houses I could find. This way I would be able to sort all the information I found from each house. I knew I would want to organize all the great information I was gathering while it was fresh on my mind, so why not have a swanky town car and a driver that could focus on the road while I paid attention to my new adventure. I found the perfect limo company, Fort Worth Limo. They had amazing prices and were able to get me a car and driver on the exact day I wanted it. I was even able to have flexible hours so if I needed to go longer it was not a problem.

As my driver took me from open house to open house, I found so many great color schemes, knick knack ideas, photo walls, candle placements, and furniture arrangements. I am really getting excited to be able to use some of the great ideas I gathered from my first outing! Maybe one day this can move from a simple hobby to a great business!

Stay tuned for my next big adventure!

Welcome to my Blog

We will be blogging about interior design Duh.  Anyway I hope that we can infuse your interior with goodness.