Go Big or Go Home

I am very new to the design world, like brand new. You could definitely call me a design virgin. I am looking into all aspects and areas of design. I have decided I will not just hold myself to one area.

For my very first design experience I chose to adventure into the great world of interior design. For this I decided to go exploring. And for this exploring I did it in style! I decided to splurge and rent a luxury sedan, driver included to take me to all the open houses I could find. This way I would be able to sort all the information I found from each house. I knew I would want to organize all the great information I was gathering while it was fresh on my mind, so why not have a swanky town car and a driver that could focus on the road while I paid attention to my new adventure.

As my driver took me from open house to open house, I found so many great color schemes, knick knack ideas, photo walls, candle placements, and furniture arrangements. I am really getting excited to be able to use some of the great ideas I gathered from my first outing! Maybe one day this can move from a simple hobby to a great business!

Stay tuned for my next big adventure!

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